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Ohio Superstar Products has been in business since 1974 and we are Proud to announce we recently purchased Dave Brown Products. (Excluding Vortech Spinner Division) We now can offer even more great products to you the consumer and we strive to satisfy. This is just another way for us to offer more great products that are made in America. Over the years many things have changed with us like most business, but there is one thing has not changed, quality, along with customer care. We try to do our best at serving your hobby needs and look forward to doing business with you for many more years.


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Skyloft is a continuous filament spun-bond nylon. This revolutionary covering material is designed to replace silk and silk-span. It has Extreme strength, it is Ultra lightweight, and is easy to manipulate. Specially treated to fill completely with just a few coats, and is unaffected by common solvents of finishing materials. Skyloft is moisture sensitive, so it EXPANDS when wet, and returns to original size when it dries. 

Sky loft comes as One 3' x 9' (3 square yards / 27 sq. ft ) Sheet of Skyloft Covering Material One instruction sheet folder .

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